Norway is a long way away

Shin deep in the North Sea
far from the arms of the beach warm
towels and your smile,
I stood skimming stones at Norway
counting as they dived
under waves
to mingle with ripples and rain
from a vaulted sky.

I remember how
the sea spat me out
too young to kill myself when I was nine;
she rejected me face up,
denied me my destiny;
she knew it was not my time.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011

2 thoughts on “Norway is a long way away

    • I changed the wording on the voting system, I am somewhat self-deprecating, putting myself down and I just thought that Excellent and Very good were not applicable words to judge my work. I think they range from vomit inducing to Palatable; meaning not offensive, not brilliant, just OK, middle of the road, acceptable… Dave

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