It wasn’t always like this

It wasn’t always like this
you would plant kisses
on my unsuspecting cheek;
smiling you would roll
soon lost to dream
to forget the working week.

I would roll and regret
to my side of the bed
not understanding
the kisses were given
with no intent.

I tossed and turned
you hardly moved;
where once my arms
now only the echoes of you.

I wake and you are gone
the pillows hold your scent;
I smooth it with
the weight of my life
and wonder where
love went.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011

2 thoughts on “It wasn’t always like this

    • Thank you. I do like getting comments rather than just “likes” or Smiley faces. I am interested in which parts of my poem speak to different people and how two people can pick out totally different parts of the same sentence.

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