Sleep found me
in the same place
as where and when I lay;
No magic pixies
Not probed by aliens,
I wake with nothing to say.

Turning comments into poems is easy when you are inspired
be that inspiration sat next to you or ten thousand miles away.

 © Copyright D. Archer October 2011


9 thoughts on “Comment

  1. I couldn’t figure out where and to what I would leave a comment. apart from not being able to where I wanted to, I also wanted to too many times so I’ve settled on here. Your blog is fantastic. There’s an ambiguous word for you. It’s also great, wonderful and amazing. Why is it that the unhappy people always speak the loudest to me?

    • Thank you for visiting. I’ve been blogging for three days now and it is nice have my ego massaged by good comments.

      Do you mean there is something wrong with the poems? That not all of them have a comments box? They all should have I’m pretty sure I applied it to all of them.
      Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

      Anyway thanks again.


    • Tough! I am drinking them all for inspiration, then when I am deaf drunk I am going to compose the best poem in the world ever in my head. So arrogant in my belief that I will remember it in the morning I am not even going to write it down.

      8) Dave

      • You inspired across the sea. And your words can’t help but inspire. A good sense of humor, brilliant artisan, and a great craftsman. Your intelligence shows. I’m enjoying our correspondence.

      • I told you I was thick. I can’t see the wood for the trees sometimes. Thank you, I am enjoying the banter immensely.
        A kindred spirit who can wax lyrically, what more could a small fat bloke from a ex-coal mining town in the grim north of England desire.


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