Cabbage! Cat! Underpants! Lampshade!

I can write
whatever I like
I am in the top left box
featured on WordPress’
Poetry Page;


I am atop the top bananas
bask you mortals in my lofty reflection
I have achieved poetic Nirvana;
poetry personified in four lines of perfection!


Read them and weep
my gigantic pontifications
knows not of earthly bounds;

Read them!
Bleed them!
For I
am the true voice
of all poetry

Calm down, its only a box.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011

You know you want to. You know your desire burns inside you every time you post. We prostitute ourselves to the little box top left of the Featured Poetry Page. If you do not get this poem, you do not get me. Please un-subscribe.

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