Waiting for my door to be fixed

I am a big fan of Google translating pages into English.

I am currently alone in my flat waiting to have my front door fixed. I can’t be bothered to write anything so I thought I would do some “Found Poetry”, I am currently singing along to a band a friend introduced me to, they are a strange band of Japanese Beatles, Strokes, Joe Cocker on Speed, poppy but not too poppy that strangely reminds me of Classic British Northern Soul.

These are genuine comments I cut and pasted from the comments page, I have not done anything to them.

The Bawdies: Red Rocket Ship

It flows in a plane smile! Best time!
THE BAWDIES are always betrayed.

From those who tantalizingly beyond expectations
As this song made me feel great to be me!
Thank you over

Well, I do dance.
The cute little bitty drum
I – Sold
Taken cheers for good work
I really thought I was leaving Japan in a good song!
Cool new Terekyasu TAXMAN
Let crowded hearing before the party I wanted if possible.

Seriously fun Budokan! !
i’m kinda dizzy, but they are so awesome
I imagined not adhere literally a new magazine read a lot
More than expected.

© Probably a lot of Japanese School girls 2011

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