A very painful payment

You paused
caressing the letterbox
and thought what if
your precious sentiments
were somehow to be lost.

I stood behind you
watching tearfully
as you tenderly
kissed your heart felt payment
you had committed with pain
to paper.

The tip of the envelope,
poised; pensive on your lips,
finally I broke down in public
punched you in the kidneys
and snapped your walking stick;

apoplectic consumed by rage
I grabbed your cat smelling cardigan;
Waving, wildly shouting
I let out my vitriolic tirade:
so loud I broke your hearing aid.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011

One thought on “A very painful payment

  1. Just because you are sat across the room from me, doesn’t mean I can’t make a comment. The ending, unfortunately, made me laugh. Which happens way too offer for me these days now that you created this blog. Twattus Irritatus Vexum

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