Spike Milligan. I knew you were ill

I was reading a Spike Milligan
book this morning and
thought I would laugh for
the rest of the live long day;

then I read his poem
“Manic Depression”
and forty three words later
he re-defines in every dictionary written
the real meaning of “Pain”.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011

Spike Milligan, Actor, Author, Musician, Goon, Genius. My favourite.
This is my humble tribute to a fellow sufferer of depression. He wrote “Manic Depression” whilst in St. Lukes Wing of Woodside Hospital, Pyschiatric Wing1953-4 in December 1960. I urge you to check out his stuff, his books are a rollercoaster of emotions laid out like ( I imagine) his life; page after page, funny poem, laugh out loud limerick, funny anecdote then crashing magnificent lines like “Manic Depression”. I did not know him but I would have given my left leg to spend one hour with him. He played the trumpet, I like the trumpet as well.

3 thoughts on “Spike Milligan. I knew you were ill

    • He was a true rare comic genius, I adore his stuff, he makes me laugh and cry in the same sentence. He is equalled on my laughter scale only when I watch Tommy Cooper. I am now going to YouTube “Jar Spoon Spoon Jar” and laugh my face off for the rest of the day. Thanks for your kind words. Dave

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