This is getting silly

I like yours;
you like mine
everybody wins;
don’t click like
if you don’t like
what I write
just because you
want a like;
don’t click like
if you don’t
share my pain
or I will not like
anything you write
ever again.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011 


9 thoughts on “This is getting silly

  1. I never click to what I don’t like … how silly. You make me laugh, and that’s great – even when you seem sad … that’s special. I enjoy plenty items I read but don’t click like in case it’s OTT and people feel stalked haha (Don’t fret, am just a regular person)

    • That’s what my last stalker said. Thank you for your comments, I “LIKE” comments especially when they are constructive. I am only a beginner at this stuff so unfortunately there is a lot more to come.


  2. It would never occur to me to “like” something that I didn’t endorse. No worries that you need to “like” my site. It is sooooo far away from anything you’d visit. LOL I saw one of your posts on another blog and it intrigued me. Your main page here made me laugh in seconds and you are a fan of the Smiths. It was a no brainer. I pledge to never “like” anything I do not like. What a funny world. I also loved the bit of copying your list and being out of pocket. You have great comic timing.

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