You subscribed its your own fault

Now I have had
four “smiley faces” and
three half decent “comments”;
power has gone to my head;

My megalomania
knows no bounds
but my poetic pontificating
won’t buy me a loaf of bread;

I write words down as I
stare, smoke, stare, smoke, think;
some lines better than others
some positively don’t have the big wordy resonant whats the word I’m looking for sound choice octogenarian bit;

Powerless to stop
this rollercoaster of rhyme
I’m going to cause an accident soon
and be charged with
literary crimes;

Don’t worry I’ll stop on Wednesday
and you can un check me as spam;
but whilst I am high as a kite
on three “comments”
I’m going to write as much drivel
as I can.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011

Sorry, you subscribed, it’s all your own fault. You have no-one else to blame for clicking on the little button that clearly states “More Maudlin Please!”. Tough.

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