Another ugly Tuesday

I read some Ted Hughes
I had a shower
not a bath
shame really; bath rhymes better
with Sylvia Plath;

I read some Keats
then some Ginsberg
had a bowl of soup
but I put out the bins first;

Watched some YouTube
put some gas on my meter
watched the clouds
out of my window then
watched Lolita;

I listened some Coltrane
Miles Davis
Thelonious Monk;
had four cigarettes
two cups of coffee
tried to think of
a metaphor for “Monk”;

Had another cigarette
looked at the paint
watched different clouds
out of my window;
wondered where
the morning went;

Tried to surprise
the fridge light;
sharpened all my pens;
re-arranged them alphabetically
then re-arranged them back
by colour instead;

Checked my email
charged my phone
even the voices in my head
have left me alone.


© Copyright D. Archer October 2011

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