Honesty Personified

This is not a poem. Relax.

My 11 year old daughter has just put her arms around my neck and told me “It is so nice just to see you happy again”

I can’t see they keyboard.

After seventeen years of numbing, soul-destroying depression, losing everything and everyone I have ever loved, ignoring those that loved me even in my darkest, selfish hours these words mean more to me than anything I have ever written. I could stop writing now and be at last happy.

I hope you understand my blubbering and I hope you never have to suffer as much as I have. If you love anyone in your life please go and tell them now. Now.

5 thoughts on “Honesty Personified

  1. As much said by your sisters on Sunday but to have them said by your daughter is what you have been wanting to hear for the longest time. Love J&Cx

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