Buy this I need milk!

I can’t afford a loaf of bread;
because I posted all my best poems on the internet;
You commented; you liked but
but I still have to visit my kids
on my bike.

Send money now
stop reading my stuff for free
I’m not a bloody library
or a charity;

Stop reading this poem
it really hacks me off;
If the BBC would notice me
maybe I could buy some socks;

Give me a break
preferably not my legs
please buy my anthology
I need milk and a loaf of bread!

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011 

Thanks to Readingstars for noticing my pain and the irony. Me like.

6 thoughts on “Buy this I need milk!

      • It’s a secret keyboard code, what you have to do is keep clicking “like” on everything I write, then this opens another window, cut and paste the HTML code into your poems and then when anyone visits, hey presto all their bank account details and suddenly you can have as much bread and milk as you want. Don’t tell anyone though its a secret.

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