Now I remember

No one told me
that half a broken heart
was so heavy
to pick back up;

it’s only half
for goodness sake,
why does it weigh
so much?

If had only known
before we went off
in different directions
I would have kept
my mouth shut,
my ears open and
paid much much more

Now I remember;
it’s all coming back
unlike you
to my cold
one bedroom

© Copyright D.Archer October 2011 

6 thoughts on “Now I remember

    • Not sure but I have always wondered what it would be like to hold a word in my hand. I have a friend is severely blind and another friend of mind taught him about colour with the use of different textures, ie RED was a hot stone, blue was an ice cube etc etc, obviously I started thinking about what a word would feel like to be able to physically hold it in your hand. mmmmmmm Dave.

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