Truth is one letter too many

You were the light
to my bulb,
the light to my house,
you were the shore
I swam to when lost and
needed solid ground;

You were the light-headed feeling
the light to my foot,
you were the lightning
that hit me hard
when I first felt
your touch;

You were my conscience
when caught doubting,
my lifeline when I was

Now my universal truth
is gone and I have
no words; no one;

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011 

7 thoughts on “Truth is one letter too many

    • I don’t mean to be rude but why would I want to publish anyone elses poems on my blog? I have posted a few dead poets (John Keats) stuff but I have always credited them. I apologise if your first language is not English but your comments came up in my spam filter. Dave

    • I think it was because if you look at the SPAM filter on your blog any comments that don’t have a name or a signature or make reference to a particular line or phrase sound suspicious to Google. I’m sorry if I offended you. Now I know you are “real” I will “un-spam” you from my messages.

      Thank you for making me smile with your terminology “No I’m not English I’m from The Netherlands, Europe.” as opposed to The Netherlands in the United States of America? I’m so sorry to laugh but I can’t help myself, your English I’m sure is much better than my Nether_land_ish_ness (which is a genuine word I heard my American friend say to a fellow country man of yours) I apologise to your entire country on his behalf.

      Glad you like my subconscious. I haven’t written about the Netherlands but I have written about Norway.


      • Hahahahah, that’s so funny, but I thought maybe you didn’t know where The netherlands lies so I just said Europe to give you an idea of where it was. LoL, is The Netherlands that famous in America ??. haha. Netherlandishness. that’s just the funniest phrase i’ve ever heard, probably even funnier being said by an american.

        And The Netherlands is not very interesting anyway , your poem will probably be
        like this.
        The land was so flat
        The count of windmills was so high
        And what made me go mad,
        they all understood ,
        when I said I didn’t like tulips.

        No but seriously it’s true, I think it would really suck to be English when you’re on a holiday, because everyone understands you, and you can’t gossip about foreigners. haha. Sorry , actually it’s quite handy because you don’t have to learn another language….

      • I do know where the Netherlands are, unfortunately my American friend does not. You do not have any oil reserves. He is not interested. He doesn know who Van Gogh was let alone know how to pronounce his name, you get the picture.

        I admire your ability to be fluent in a second language, it is a shame we (the English) are not taught one at school from an early age. It would probably be French or German but at least we wouldn’t have to go around just shouting instructions at everyone or talking to them as if they were deaf and you wanted them to lip read your words.

        Thanks for stopping by, hope not to confuse you with my Yorkshire profanity but I write words I hear everyday. It is a paradox, I both love and hate my hometown at the same time. I couldn’t write anything if I were not here. I am addicted to the place.

        Speak soon. Dave

  1. What you’re saying you live in Yorkshire!!?? That’s so funny, My school had this exchange program with a school from Appleby (town in cumbria) two weeks ago!!!! And we went to York the last day of our trip!!! I really liked York very much :D.

    I have to learn German on my school and I hate it, Im really bad at learning foreign languages, but English is so much different because a lot of TV is in English and music.

    What do you mean with ‘Yorkshire Profanity’ ??

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