The Inverted Learning Game

Do your homework upside down,
let the blood flood your brain,
not your feet on the ground.

Standing on your head in class
will confuse your teacher
but your improvement in geography
is surely bound to please her.

Tell your friends to do the same
and try the inverted learning game
stand on your heads in science and maths
but give it a miss in the swimming baths!

Don’t get carried away at mealtimes either,
eating upside down can interfere with your breathing,
You’ll choke on your sausages,
You’ll snot out baked beans,
and trying to eat custard is really obscene.

So master your talent for inverted learning
by dangling your head out of bed every morning,
your French will get better,
your German improve…
just remember to stand up
before you go to the loo!

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011

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