I wake
to the pillow that held your scent
it lies empty
palm smoothed;
where once we slept
entwined as lovers,
dreamless, guarded by the moon.

I broke every promise
you held so dear;
and for this
back to back
we slept for years.

Now I stare at the clock
that doesn’t tick
its digital face
the only one I kiss;

the moon
my only lover now;
cold, silent; wondering how
will I ever be held again
by arms like scarves against the rain?

to lie hypnotised
drowning deep
in blue-green eyes
I vowed never
to make weep.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011

5 thoughts on “Riptide

  1. I’m sorry but i’m actually in love with you. This poem is beautiful, I actually, physically welled up reading it. The image of the clock, it’s so simple and effective, it’s heartbreaking. I love the pragmaticism, the how blunt and raw the emotion is. Please have agander over my stuff and give me a few pointers, and constructive criticism with be greatly appreciated.

  2. Regrets are hard to face but they tell us where we went wrong so that we can move on with our feelings. I love this Dave, how you confront this emotion in the prose (though not sure of the flow of the piece). This is strong writing and sentiment shared. Lovely read.

    • I actually wrote this in bed under the light of my mobile phone, I have been reading Poetry by the English Poet Roger McGough” and his work has a definite sense of this meter and rhyme, I have a big old fashioned metronome and I was listening to that earlier in the day, maybe that’s where the rhythm comes from? Who knows, it could have been anything, it was late. Thank you for your comment as it made me re-read this piece. I am still happy with it and I suppose that is partly the trouble with written poetry,we are searching for that method of getting across our emotions in the written form. If only I had a voice like Richard Burton or Sir Lawrence Olivier then I could do an audio post and them twice as many people could like it half as much. Dave

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