Eyes on the prize

I stepped backward from reality
the distance at first the room,
you in the chair, talking,
me somewhere on the moon.

The silences grew wider
room broadened width to street,
I abandoned all that surrounded me
and looked inward to my feet.

Through this you kept on talking,
I, unrepentant, chose not to hear,
you warned about the distance,
your hopes, dreams and fears.

I stepped yet again backward;
twice more denied the world was real,
too late I woke from my imagination,
to find only echoes
of the love I didn’t heed.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011

One thought on “Eyes on the prize

  1. hopefully everyone gets a second or third chance of the heed? motivation is everything…if you want it enough, you will make it work…or if it doesn’t work it wasn;t meant to be (i hate that fuking saying!)

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