Just for the record

You know who you are.

You had better know how to blink your eyes because if I ever find you commenting again on my friends blog you will be asking for your dinner by blinking once and asking for a bath by blinking twice.

Leave her alone now.

I am not afraid to sign my name. Why are you?

David Archer

11 thoughts on “Just for the record

  1. deciete…it’s all lies, even with all the pain and words written from the heart…who cares if they comment…let them say their words..for it’s honesty or lies…it’s all the same.

  2. ?wtf ?? You’ve all gone ninny-pods … if anyone is bothering anyone (or bullying) SHAME! SHAME ON YYYYOOOUUUUUUU!!!! (c uuu jIMMyy .. C U)

  3. Dave 🙂
    you policing the blogs? I hear you though. You can see obvious strange things happening and you can see innocent people being pulled in. It’s a crazy realm here in blogville, for sure. Not much we can do about it though, I guess.

    Take care

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