Return to sender

one ex-wife.
if found
please return
to sender:
she has brown hair,
a sharp left hook,
a beautiful smile and
hips not too slender;

She looks a little melancholy
yet she still talks tough;
she always keeps an open mind
and never her mouth shut;

She has the gift of a fierce temper,
she is beyond my drowning arms,
she is five feet seven in her socks
and out of trees the birds she can charm;

She gives electricity back to the National Grid
for her smile lights up the room;
her only mistake in life
was to carry a mill-stone; a fool;

She has the weight of the world
on her shoulders,
small feet and tattoos
all over her back;
she always walks perfectly tall
even though I drove her mad;

She has a hairy mole
on her left cheek,
not on her bum but her face;
She talks with no accent
and carries herself with grace;

When you see her
you will instantly know
how utterly insane I was
to give her one reason to go.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011 

Two songs that stop me in my tracks:

Bill Withers: Ain’t no sunshine:

Willie Nelson: She is gone

4 thoughts on “Return to sender

  1. wonderful! I love it….I hope someone can provide an address, in case I find her and want to send her your way! Good luck, my friend. 🙂

    • Thanks, like I said before, “seldom is the woman of your dreams next to you when you wake up, and if she is you would never close your eyes again” well I shut my eyes, ears, nose, mouth.

      Plus I was listening to some Elvis then I went for a walk and saw a missing cat poster and hey presto a poem about smuggling people in the postal system.

      Must stop looking at things.


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