Blood in my Alcohol Stream

Last night I had a nightmare
I dreamt I had blood
in my alcohol stream;
it was horribly rainbow coloured
and I was dealing with reality;

I’d shaved my beard!
I’d had a bath!
I was watching “Pop Idol”
not reading Sylvia Plath!

I was riding a white pony
and laughing, chasing fluffy bunny rabbits;
I had finally drunk myself sober,
I had finally lost
my favourite habit!

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011

4 thoughts on “Blood in my Alcohol Stream

  1. Pop Idol? You must have written this quite some time ago. I think it sounds more like the narrative to a Robbie Williams video ha ha …You wish!

    • Actually I wrote it this morning but I could have just listed the entire TV Times for Saturday night TV. Also, Robbie Williams can buy it off me if he wants I could do with the cash. Thanks. Dave

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