My Rollercoaster

The rollercoaster dived
and in two hundred and forty seconds
my whole life left my chest;
reality derailed; headlong I plunged down
another broken track
destined for second best;

An unknown box car
gets to travel your french curves
whilst I sat motionless
feeling cheated by the dream operators’ words;

But time and distance are
no longer a concern of mine
not now I have seen up your nostrils
and heard the colour of your sky;

When the rollercoaster resumed
I realised I was sat at the top;
you had held my hand all the way there
and I was finally looking up;

I can sea the horizon
it is Quay shaped and fits me like a glove;
In the first four minutes I really was drowning
but by the fifth I was drowning in your love.

© Copyright D. Archer November 2011

3 thoughts on “My Rollercoaster

    • It was a hell of a ride.

      It was so much of a beautiful ride that I bought a season ticket to the theme park.

      If my lottery numbers come up I’m going to buy the whole theme park itself, dismantle all the other rides that come close to the horizon and ride this one metaphorically every day until the day I die.

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