perfectly imperfect





















9 thoughts on “perfectly imperfect

    • Thank you. Words are not the only beautiful thing in this world, it takes a real, true, honest human being to recognise true beauty in mathematics. The sequence is beautiful because in between each line there is space, time to breathe before the next set, it is imperfect because there is only 1000 numbers listed. Ideally I would have liked to have listed 5475 numbers. Thank you.

      • It is a very special to myself and someone very close to me. It is a time signature, it is actually the number of days before the horizon is complete. Thank you, I hope this answers your question.

  1. Very juicy numbers I’d say!

    I’ll file them away
    to later plant in
    geometric soil
    some day.

    Hopefully then to sprout
    clues so clearly rooted
    in the mystery of what
    life ‘by the number’
    is truly all about.

  2. Dear Mr Black. Here’s a postcard to let you know I got this far. It’s like reaching that place, the religious bit, in the east, that everyone makes pilgrimage to, what’s it called? That’s it: Lindisfarne. The only struggle was passing the gravitational pull of Synesthesia. Hope the picture gives you a chuckle – sadly they’ve all now been crushed by freak Punctuation Implosions. Can’t wait to get back and see you play. Reverberating characters aren’t the same. Love to the woodlice, C (not that one, the other one, with the hair like a burst sofa)
    [In teeny writing all up the edges]
    PS Don’t reply – it’ll only go to the Postmaster, who’s unhinged – wears his undercrackers over his trousers, a sure sign.

    • Thanks for the imagery, I’m cursed with an over active imagination and this only vexes me more.

      I was beginning to think you only got let out on weekends.

      Lindisfarne is north of Wales. I looked it up on Google maps where I often spend lots of time looking for chortlesome place names such as “Upper Ramsbottom” fnnnaaarr fnnnaaarr!

      I concur, undercrackers atop trousers is a sure sign of madness, that’s why Lois Lane thought Superman was just a mental defective from the Midwest and the fact no one ever saw him write a single newspaper article.

      PS. There is no photo attached to this reply so I will have to imagine what burst sofa hair looks like, but I imagine it to be somewhat troublesome in the wind.

      • Vexed? Veeexxcelleeent. One to me I think.
        While you’re frittering about personal-identity-thieving searchbots, swing by the Ochils; every toun sounds like–blast blast Matron’s abroad, 28 seconds till I’m scuppered.
        So, erm, how quaintly perverse of you to reply. You realise I have a whole thing worked out? Choreographed with intricate frills. You’ve ruined my rhythm. Now I must think on my unstable, clod-hoppered feet! Onyhoo, bate your breath for tomorrow’s now rather over-advertised episode DOT DOT DOT
        PS Hope the wind eases.

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