Would you? Could You?

Would you? Could You
let me in,
to co-write the chapter
of where we begin?

Would you? Could You
bookmark the past,
and face the future
fears unmasked?

Would you? Could You
in the park
feed on picnics
until it got dark?

Would you? Could You
help me do my taxes,
as music plays
then hands distract us?

Would you? Could You
in the shower
make every second
seem like an hour?

Would you? Could You
walk the room
just so I
could watch you move?

Would you? Could You
still be English,
fill my ears
with your girlish giggling?

Would you? Could You
snort down your nose,
send me pictures
of your toes?

Would you? Could You
hold my hand
though the rain is heavy;
the future unplanned?

Would you? Could You
love me as I am,
your here and now
and your tomorrow man?

© D. Archer February 2012


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