Song of the Day

Song of the day.


4 thoughts on “Song of the Day

    • Hello. Thanks for noticing my absence! I was considering whether or not I had peaked as a poet and had just had my own “marvellous year” as per Mr Keats but in reality I’ve just had to sort out some personal stuff. Should to be posting in the near future, hope everything is OK with your corner of the web. Dave

      • d’y’know this has been working round my eardrum for awhile and stumbling over ‘kite flying’ again I suddenly realised that I had been not writing much because I was hankering after the feel of ‘finds’ and ‘flow’ that produced a nice run of colourful poems for me and often ended up with just the date and a blank page because of it; I’ve finally realised that writing moves on like seasons if it is left GROWING; I know you demured about ‘reaching’ your ‘peak’ but I think I can read between the lines and see you back now – the same but changed (as in fresh) …

      • Thanks once again. Always good to know my blogg is worth stumbling upon now and again, not sure about the inspiration thing though. I like your idea of poems growing like seasons and am reminded of a line I wrote but never used “even the grass still grows in winter, only slower and against the odds”. I’m not much for writing as a daily “task” more influenced by the muse and of course keeping my eyes and ears open. Dave.

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