Colder on the inside

The distance between them lay
new carpet like, professionally flat,
measured in expensive metres;
each stood on the edge of
the picked clean carcass of
polite conversation that harboured
sharp submerged memories
loud enough to slam doors
long since locked and keyless;

The forgotten bottled years of “Love”
they had gathered and labelled in small words
“Expires when we run out of life”
prematurely cracked and uncorked
it revealed a picture of two strangers,
each holding a wound,
each holding a knife.

© D. Archer. October 2012

2 thoughts on “Colder on the inside

  1. This is so eloquent and gut splitting. Anyone having been through the ending of a marriage would feel this so deeply. This is achingly beautiful.

  2. heartbreaking, but strangely beautiful that the poet steps outside-enough to see both the tip and the submerged ‘berg’ clearly as it makes its glorious way about the ocean but realises, still, that it is ‘colder on the inside’ … I don’t know what I’m talking about …

    … nevertheless there is beauty in the poet who can see the whole tragedy of which he is a part … THAT’S what I wanted to say

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