Last night I wrestled an unsinkable thought,
pushing against the smothering dream
I pulled the blanket
woven from the sum of my fears
short of my feet
where failing to dream, I slept
beneath the clock and the pewter moon
on my bed of cold words,
my mattress uncomfortably full of regrets,
only to wake, to realise,
where yesterday I was nothing,
today I am a little less.

© D. Archer. November 2012

7 thoughts on “Submarine

  1. this even read like a dream – the cascade of metaphor where, as soon as you take a recognisable step, you realise you have fallen for some cunning trap again; a very clever (… real) piece of work: and a very perky ending … although I might add ‘today I am a little less’ … but all the greater for it

    … following your blog is like waiting for buses …

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