To dream is a wonderful thing

OK, now I have no idea if this is going to work but in the spirit of reckless New Year challenges I have made an attempt at a You Tube Video. Thankfully, I have a face for radio so its just an audio track with some Adobe After Effects malarky going on in the background.

Any comments would be welcome especially if you cant view or hear the video on your device. Depending on the response, more or less will follow.



14 thoughts on “To dream is a wonderful thing

  1. Please help. I unwittingly clicked Play Backward, agreed that I’m over 18 lb, and accepted You as The Supremes. I seem to have opened a portal into the dark with some fluff. Any chance of a sandwich?

    • Ha! Ha! (* insert laughs likes Brian Blessed in tight gold spandex pants from Flash Gordon film*) I was trying to recreate “Paul is dead” from the White album when you play that poem backwards but it sounds more like “Buy your new potatoes from Morrisons” rather than Diana Ross during her ping pong playing video for “you can’t hurry love”.

      Of course you can have a sandwich I have a speciality of chicken and typewriter ribbon served with a wee dram of dreach Scottish mist. Mmmmmmm.

      • Eek, your Brian Blessed laugh made the lamé billow; it’s electrifying, it’s greased lightning, it’s finished off the Fluff Queen.
        Exquisitely presented sanger: you tied that ribbon like a pro. But ohhhHHH, ohhhh, dastardly mutt! Nothing fur it noo, but tae remodel ma wee cherubs fae Morrison’s finest mashed tatties and clumps ae fluff, sniff, while listening to ‘Paul is deid, McCartney’s an alien look-a-likey’… For that, ya scunner, I’ll have another swallae of yer condensed brow blottings liqueur, and don’t skimp on the garnish.

      • I’m sorry I don’t speak Welsh but i find your colloquialisms quite whimsical, a bit like that cross eyed bloke from That’s Life who took rather too much interest in genital shaped vegetables for my liking.

        Spare ya babbies the pot and set them free to roam the Glens to paint exquisite miniature watercolours in the style of Beatrix Potter but without the gratuitous use of sado-masochistic imagery that eventually lead to her early death at the hands of a jealous pig farmer.

      • You say the nicest things… 😀 You’re not interested in this amusingly sculpted potato though? BDSM-free watercolours? Fair enough, I’ll get cracking, but please no severed beaks in the post.
        What I keep getting away from here in Albatrossia is that, sincerely, but inadequately articulatedly, your words make me feel worse, make me feel more, and hopefully this helps me get better. Thanks 🙂

      • I have more than enough time and space for articulate, witty, erudite shaped legumes.

        I’m glad you’ve found a sentence or a simile that makes you smile, makes you think or even makes you sad because without an intellectual response there is no emotional response.

        Good luck with the Albatross, I hear it was John Cleeses’ favourite ice cream as well as my own.

        Enough randomness as I’m sure you have chucks to pluck and as you may have gathered I could talk a glass eye to sleep but alas this aeroplane isn’t going to land itself.


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