You have two ears for a reason

You have two ears for a reason. Copyright D. Archer 2013

You have two ears for a reason. Copyright D. Archer 20

4 thoughts on “You have two ears for a reason

  1. I’ve been thinking. With my mouth shut. And my fingers sellotaped together. It’s fortunate your home page is so consistently the Fray Bentos of canned meat products.
    As I never could touch-type, inspired by this forlorn wee chap’s splendidly pointy rhinonolith, I’m inputting this message as nose hieroglyphs.
    But my reason for dislodging you is: did I leave something here before? Did you happen to find anything lying around?

    • Dear Slippery Waspnest. I wondered when you were going to emerge from your toblerone shaped torpor. I have noticed quite a few of your “droppings” around my site and I must say that Penguin, Faber and Faber, and Schuster Publishers are not impressed. Your comments are funnier than my poems and as a result I have been blacklisted from all the above publishers unless all my efforts are accompanied by a witty Welshism from yourself. In light of this I suggest a collaboration, if you keep your fingers selloptaped together I will allow you roam over my ruminations.

      • I’m saddened to hear that your faberlous work is plagued with penguin droppings – not an issue for us here in the Arctic Triangle.
        Thank you for you kind words. It’s fortunate that your pictures speak thousands, thus my wasply jibes are annihilated by a hail of soot-encrusted pixels.
        Provided your Colorado ration exceeds one of your calorific ‘bun-cakes’ (please note: no buns or cakes are involved in the production of this speciality), I will be delighted to triangulate you. Please name your paw target.
        I do have a penchant for a gent with a roam-over.
        Yours, Cicely Rabbits-in-Gravy

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