A Secret Death

I spent the runaway night
trying to measure what would lie beyond a reprieve?
Some short attention span?,
a petition of petty promises made to outweigh the clawing mud
and unseen sharp edges yet to cut.

I tried my death of you,
down remembered paths to the water’s edge,
unseasonal and biting cold;
“I knew it wouldn’t last”
the mocking whispers from the reeds concurred,
but I swam downwards, regardless,
to where the vows were buried,
lusting after the end.

© D. Archer. July 2013


2 thoughts on “A Secret Death

  1. Gorgeous imagery and poetry, David. I’m so happy I followed your blog, after visiting Lizzie at RunningNakedWithScissors. Your talent is the real deal. Keep writing!


    • Thank you for your kind words. I’m not sure about being “the real deal”, I write when I want to so posts are often sporadic but thank you for following my rumblings. I need to catch up with my blog visits so I’ll be dropping by your site soon.


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