Mr Fifties. Motivational Speaker


I’ve decided that this here poetry malarkey is never going to make me rich, I mean come on, Poet Laureate! £75 and a case of wine, that’s hardly going to last me an afternoon, therefore, I’ve decided I’m going to move into motivational speaking and possibly creating my own religion (move over L. Ron, there’s a new spaceship in town!) so lets kick off our first session by all chanting Mr Fifties’ really positive, self affirming statement…..

© D. Archer. August 2013.



2 thoughts on “Mr Fifties. Motivational Speaker

    • OK, you’re in, providing you don’t wear any red sweaters, cardigans or jumpers because everybody knows they are the first people to get killed in a Star Trek episode. I will need someone to look after the North American market. You get 25 days holiday, plus Christmas, no dental plan, no pet insurance, no garden insurance, no insurance insurance and no life insurance.

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