Mr Fifties’ Lewd Limerick


I am getting rather bored of reading existential Haikus recently (which I feel I must point out to at least two thirds of the internet is traditionally a three-line poem with seventeen syllables, written in a 5/7/5 syllable count!) so I’ve decided to revive the good old fashioned limerick. If the format was good enough for Isaac “Lamb Chops” Asimov then it’s good enough for me! I know it has rude words in it like “Lyme Regis” and “Vicar” but I’m pushing the envelope here, don’t try and hold me back man!

For the geographically challenged, Lyme Regis is a town on the south coast of England just in case you have a hankering to go looking for the afore mentioned Vicar. GOD on the other hand lives in Yorkshire.

Artwork and Limerick © D. Archer. September 2013.

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