Good Grief Morrissey

Charming Charlie

It’s a sad day when artistic expression is crushed under the weight of the corporate pressure. has received instructions to remove posts relating to their juxtaposition of the Peanuts strip and The Smiths lyrics. Strange times indeed considering that 99% of Tumbler is based on plagiarism and good old cut and paste with scant regard for authors and copyright.

I suggest you visit while this charming site is still up and running.

In a futile act of solidarity I post my own two penneth of disobedience. Good grief Morrissey, have a heart.

7 thoughts on “Good Grief Morrissey

    • Your secret is safe with me! Fortunately I have never courted popularity and as you are the only one who reads my blog I don’t think I’m in danger of being harassed by a load of Salford solicitors in the near future.

      • I agree!

        Shoplifters of the world unite!

        I am intrigued with your “string like material” this could be the difference between a lawsuit and five years hard labour in a Midnight Express type of establishment.

    • Apologies for not replying sooner, that pesky thing called work has had me captive. Even more apologies for causing you any distress by my seaming silence. Derivative? You? Never! George Bernard Shaw could not quip as colloquially as yourself, I enjoy your tangential take on my rumblings and anyway who doesn’t love a Brazilian and a gay icon serenaded in poetic form. Hope this clears things up. Don’t chicken out with your comments in the future. Dave

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