Love lies in the roughest sea,
in the smallest hours,
in a one oared boat,
not in the anonymous promises
of those that lure in calm waters
as sirens circle in the undertow;
soon the unwinding begins
the rope that proffers salvation
forms a seductive silk noose around your neck
and be it by category or allegory
the search for your lungs in another
will only one day leave you
out of breath.

© D. Archer. January 2013. Tweaked in February 2015.

13 thoughts on “Anonymous

  1. Reblogged this on sarahjaneprosetry and commented:
    This is so well crafted, it floors me. Especially because it was written by an elephant salesman (ok, not really). But it does humble me in its craft.

    • Thank you but unless the last thing you read was “Alphabetical Income tax returns for the National Association of Model Railway Enthusiasts 1976 – 1978 Sub-section C, Paragraph F on How Tax deductible are Scissors?” I doubt it, there are much much better poems and poets waiting for you to discover. Thank you for the comment though, I’m glad it made a connection.

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