Art Therapy for Manic Depressives


I have noticed on my travels that a current trend is to sell 72dpi line art drawings under the vaguely disguised medium of “Art Therapy”. Never the one the miss a money-making opportunity I have decided to create 8,764 images aimed squarely at the growing medicated market. Here is number 1 in the series.

The rules are simple. You will need a black marker pen, the rest (if you’re not too depressed to finish it) can take as long as you like.

Here’s a clue to get you started “1 = Black”.

You may have noticed that some of the areas have more than one number in them, this is where I want you to pay extra attention and really layer on that colour.
(If you don’t have a black pen I suggest you wait until the voices stop screaming and then write a poem or a song instead. Listen to some Leonard Cohen albums for ideas!)

Once finished you will have gained a valuable insight into the mind of a manic depressive artist.

Remember not to stray outside the lines or you’ll spoil everything and no one, not even your mum, will want to put it on their fridge.

© D. Archer. October 2015

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