Gillian’s Winter (Sarah’s Summer)

Every time
you see a tree
remember his love for you
numbered ten times
every leaf.

“But”, I hear you say;
“Trees have no leaves in Winter
and like my life it is barren and bare”;
Relax I say; The leaves may be gone
but the tree is always there.

“What when they chop it down” you say;
“there will be nothing left to remember”;
Relax I say; Life, like some trees, is short;
but beautiful memories live forever.

© Copyright D. Archer May 2012

Psychological Seuss

I did not like it
in the dark
without someone
to share my heart;
I did not like
the callous grin
that subverted smile
above my chin;
I did not like
my heavy thoughts
and hurtful, silent,
sharp retorts;
I did not like
the cloud I cast
on innocents
who just walked, passed;
and I could kill
a room stone dead
with sunken eyes and
words unsaid;
and so I found myself alone
cast adrift to the undertow
posting words
on the internet
slowly drowning
in regret
until my head
above the waterline
the lighthouse caught me
just in time
and so a new direction
slow I swam
to be the man
I Know I can;
Now I am me,
me I am
I quite like this me I am,
I do not like
the me I was
in fact I’m glad
that me is gone.

© D Archer March 2012

God created Lego

God created shin bones
for finding coffee tables
in the dark;

God created the universe
just so you
could hold my heart.

He also created Knee caps
for finding Lego bricks
in the carpet;

Yet his master stroke
above all creation
was placing you
where my heart is.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011 

A Once Lost Northern Soul

Spinning around
my small one bedroom flat
Northern Soul so loud
it makes my ears bleed;

then starts your
favourite song
I stop spinning
and realise
it is you
not music
I really need.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011

Its is no longer cold and I am no longer lost.

Hello Me

You are not much to look at
yet you possess a certain charm
You have denied the passion
that you have for yourself and
for the woman you will one day
hold in your arms;

You are taller than you think
even when your head is not held high;
you do not always live in Autumn
you do not always live under a grey sky;

You are a powerful lover
one that does not sit well
with coming second best;
so you have a weakness
for women in high heels
high hemlines and breasts in sillouhette;

You have the potential
to draw down the stars
and you have more than pretty words
to help you melt a woman’s heart;

You were once lost
but a deeper more beautiful soul
has taught you how to be a man again
and that you have
emotionally grown.

© Copyright D. Archer November 2011

I like Me

I fell in love with a man today
the one in the mirror
and I have fallen in a wonderful
positive way.

I used to spend a lot of time
inspecting the colour of my shoes
But that all changed yesterday
when I looked up
all because of you.

© Copyright D.Archer November 2011

My Rollercoaster

The rollercoaster dived
and in two hundred and forty seconds
my whole life left my chest;
reality derailed; headlong I plunged down
another broken track
destined for second best;

An unknown box car
gets to travel your french curves
whilst I sat motionless
feeling cheated by the dream operators’ words;

But time and distance are
no longer a concern of mine
not now I have seen up your nostrils
and heard the colour of your sky;

When the rollercoaster resumed
I realised I was sat at the top;
you had held my hand all the way there
and I was finally looking up;

I can sea the horizon
it is Quay shaped and fits me like a glove;
In the first four minutes I really was drowning
but by the fifth I was drowning in your love.

© Copyright D. Archer November 2011

Everyone else can wait

I should be drawing pictures
but instead I am addicted
to a sound clip voiced from Heaven
that transcends both
time and distance;

It’s only thirty seconds
so I put it on a loop
I’ve deleted everything else
on my iPod
just so I can listen to you;

No road in England
will ever be safe
when I hear your voice
I dream upon your face;

Red lights please
don’t turn green;
I don’t want to leave this moment
I am finally at peace.

© Copyright D. Archer November 2011

Waving not Drowning

Funny how
not twenty-four hours ago
my desk was full of photographs
of the lifeboat that cast me aside;

then thirty seconds
sun drenched in your voice
I am offered more than the promise
of a brighter blue sky.
© Copyright D. Archer November 2011