Living Legends

John Cooper Clarke:             Morrissey:                 Paul Weller:                   Robert Smith:

If you do not know who these people are go away and find out about them, I am not bloody Google either, then come back, then realise that every single spingle spangle word you have ever written in your entire life can not compare because these swines have used all the best words in all the best order, ever, in the omniverse.

If you happen to be one of these people (it could happen) please feel free to sue me, at least I would get to meet you in a court of law. Then I can stalk you, then you could get a restraining order out against me but that would have your name and address on then I would be able to camp outside your house and then I would be able to see you every day. Ha.


If you are not on this page and would like to be included then send me a email in under 100 words explaining what your contribution to my life has been.

More Apologies:

I listed Morrisey above but obviously I include Johnny Marr in this photograph, just as I do when I say I Like U2, it is the whole package, Bono, Edge, Larry and the drummer bloke (!). Same goes for The Jam, Bruce Foxton and Rick Buttler, A Town Called Malice is always listened to at least once a day, when it does not appear in my iPod shuffle list I physically swear at my iPod and listen to it anyway.

The one day I bunked off school in my entire school education was to stand outside my local record shop just to buy this 7 inch single, so therefore Mr Weller you are the reason I failed GCSE French, never became an architect and started a blog nobody reads especially you.

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