Musical Inspirations

Stuff I need to share: Click the links. Everybody should listen to one new record per day, these musical shaman need to experienced. This page could easily get out of hand as I listen to a hell of a lot of music. Expect a change to this page when the muse comes to visit me.

Just for the record: I do not like the layout of this page but I do not know how to align the videos to the left and have the comments running next to them not underneath. If anyone knows how to change this please let me know and I will buy you a pint of the finest quaffing ale! HTML is all witchcraft to me. Witchcraft I tell you!

A life without music is like a blunt pencil. Pointless.

Joy Division: If you do not like this song please un-subscribe from my life. This is the soundtrack to my life and my funeral. Enjoy. This is not the official video but the music transcends the images anyway.

The Smiths: If you do not like The Smiths or have never heard them then you cannot like language as much as I do. Morrisey spoke to an entire generation and condensed their entire life in no more than three minutes. Genius.

The internet is not big enough to list all my musical influences but I will keep adding when the mood takes me.


The Housemartins ; The Beautiful South; The Lightning Seeds; Echo and The Bunnymen: all these are unparralled wordsmiths of the highest order.

New Band: The Bawdies: Call me a Japanese schoolgirl if you want but I recently discovered this band through a link on a fellow bloggers page. Me Likey. (No Japanese racial stereotyping implied). If the Beatles had been Japanese this is what we may have had. I like them.

2 thoughts on “Musical Inspirations

  1. thank you for sharing some new music and the introduction….much appreciated…i will have to come back soon to listen when the muse hits me.

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