Polaroid Pleasures

Vengeful in her car
with the CD I’d bought her
she threw it at me and
sped off in the night air;

That was the last time
we were a couple
and in burning my clothes
she sent a message not subtle;
to all the world
she posted on-line
pictures of my penis tagged
“useless swine!”

It could have been worse,
I chose not to bother
at least I had the video
of me and her mother.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011

Living in a rather depressed part of Barnsley on a busy main road, with the windows open you get to see and hear all kinds of humans. I live in an attic room and the window is perfect for watching whilst remaining unseen.
I wrote this one late summer evening, the argument was fierce and brief and dejected I watched the young man stand bemused for a moment as his girlfriend sped off in her car. This is my imagined conversation. 

Anglo American Relations

You are my favourite whiskey,
the laudanum in my wine,
just to hold your hand,
to kiss once your neck,
would inspire
ten thousand lines.

Lighter than Larkin
to muse upon your face;
I cannot stop my love;
for my love it
has no brakes.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011

You know who you are. I wish I did.