Leave your shoes on

Take off your cloak
leave it outside my door;
you’re in my arms
care for the loss no more;

Let your hair down,
let your mind run free,
breathe within my words
and together; one we will be;

Leave your shoes on
for reasons personal to me;
unpack your life
let me in; let me see;

Burn the cloak
you brought with you
and wear this one I freely give;
burn all the bridges
that stopped you running to me;
my arms;
my soul;
my kiss.

I cannot promise my words
will never hurt you; and this
no man should ever guarantee;
but if you would chance
then we will together find
whatever will be
will be.

© Copyright D. Archer November 2011


An Ocean Apart

Will we ever stand toe-to toe
and forget what to say?

Will we ever spend ten thousand hours
in one expansive day?

More than words will fill you
as verse falls wanting from your
fresh bitten lips;

More than words will fill you
when finally I slow trace
the contours of your hips.

© Copyright D. Archer November 2011

My Gravity

Beneath your ivory skin
lies treasure worth hunting,
your pale blue eyes
leave me helpless; wanting;

we submit; mouth to lips
I caress your seductive lines;
I forget to breathe
your heaven scent; sublime;

My silent screamer
my breathless dreamer
I am my distance run
I am tonight spent; weaker;

I am a mere moth
to your supernova
captivated by your lustre
I remain your willing: forgiving;
forever distant lover.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011