Dropping the dog’s lead

If I hadn’t dropped
my dog’s lead
I would have had
no reason to
turn back;

I would never have met you
walking your dog;
no universal coincidence
for you to smile; to chat.

In Winter I return
to the park on the hill;
and wander; could chance
be kind twice?

Just in case
I walk another loveless mile
Just in case
I see you and feel
the warmth of your smile.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011 

Telling lies to my dog

The dog sits up;
she needs no sound
to hear you come;
she is tuned to your footsteps
and to the door she runs;
Nothing; only echoes,
I avoid her expectant eyes;
ashamed of myself
to stoop so low
as to tell my dog a lie.
“It must have been the wind”;
“A leaf against the window”,
she turns; she looks
and wags her tail
as if this will ease my sorrow.
She knows I know
that you lay on a foreign shore;
I know she knows
it wasn’t your footsteps
outside the windswept door.
again she turns; again she looks
as she skulks into the other room,
she brings to me
her favourite ball
and for one second
I forget you.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011

Out with the dog, back with a poem

The dog and I walk
flat top slag heaps
crushed cinder paths
atop a rich vein of verse.

Convinced all words will
soon fail me
I pray to the Mother
of Mother Earth.

My heart sinks
bitter back home;
my muse, my love long gone
but the dog still runs blindly
into the empty kitchen;
where like the sun
you once shone.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011