The long goodbye

Though she slipped from this life
like time through your fingers
never to be held again,
there is a star in the sky
that aches to fall,
to shelter you from the closing day.

Hold on to these thoughts,
take as long as you need,
keep only those that made you smile
and to the four winds
set all others free.

© D. Archer. March 2015

Fun with sharp objects


Fun with sharp objects on a Sunday.

Actually that’s a lie, I cut this a few days ago and then printed it and then forgot to upload it. Metaphors for my life abound.

This time I managed only 4 copies before I got a decent print which is vast improvement on my latest effort and no actual blood was spilled in the making of this image which again is a vast improvement on my latest effort.

Im sure there’s a poem about a bleeding heart brewing but my natural procrastinating tendencies prevent me from doing two pieces of artistic endeavour in one day. Maybe Winter 2016.

Less to follow.
Blood © D.Archer. March 2015

Be Prepared

Be Prepared!

Be Prepared!


OK people, you know the drill, pseudo sentimentality season is almost upon us, if we all join together in fighting this non stop commercial day of heart bleating soppyness we can get through the hours and get back to being our own lonesome selves.

You have been warned!

Image Copyright D. Archer. February 2013.

Word shaped wounds

After the words come the wounds,
some deeper than others,
some visceral, some flesh:
the past, still a shallow grave,
thin skimmed with distance
we know why we buried it,
just can’t remember
if its somewhere in the real world,
or deeper, in my head.

© D. Archer. December 2012

My Gravity

Beneath your ivory skin
lies treasure worth hunting,
your pale blue eyes
leave me helpless; wanting;

we submit; mouth to lips
I caress your seductive lines;
I forget to breathe
your heaven scent; sublime;

My silent screamer
my breathless dreamer
I am my distance run
I am tonight spent; weaker;

I am a mere moth
to your supernova
captivated by your lustre
I remain your willing: forgiving;
forever distant lover.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011