Sunday Morning Kitchen Spinning

Sunday morning was meant to be spent listening to songs like these. Keep the faith.

Little Acorn

Little Acorn as you grow
remember the tree that loves you so;
bring her flowers
all the coming years
and remember without her
you would not be here.

© D. Archer. October 1st 2012

Shel Silverstein

With time to spare I thought i’d post some YouTube clips for Shel Silverstein. I was introduced to him recently by a good friend and I often find myself returning to his works when I feel the need to re-connect.

I hope you enjoy the video and the wonderful words of a master storyteller.


Minus Five

2pm and my mind thinks of breakfast
I see a clock and subconsciously subtract five;
10pm and I forever think of traffic
2am finds me answering my own questions
as I await dawns breaking light.

© D. Archer May 2012

Silent Obligation

Too scared to release all the butterflies
not man enough to deal
with the one that remained;
though no silver tongued serpent I
said nothing to stop her drowning
in the depth of my full fathom five wave.

Now blinding white feathers
line my all consuming cave
and our two diverging Frost strewn paths
lie blocked by boxes labelled unresolved emotions
I never faced nor threw away.

© D. Archer April 2012

Would you? Could You?

Would you? Could You
let me in,
to co-write the chapter
of where we begin?

Would you? Could You
bookmark the past,
and face the future
fears unmasked?

Would you? Could You
in the park
feed on picnics
until it got dark?

Would you? Could You
help me do my taxes,
as music plays
then hands distract us?

Would you? Could You
in the shower
make every second
seem like an hour?

Would you? Could You
walk the room
just so I
could watch you move?

Would you? Could You
still be English,
fill my ears
with your girlish giggling?

Would you? Could You
snort down your nose,
send me pictures
of your toes?

Would you? Could You
hold my hand
though the rain is heavy;
the future unplanned?

Would you? Could You
love me as I am,
your here and now
and your tomorrow man?

© D. Archer February 2012

My blue sky jigsaw

My blue-sky jigsaw piece
that didn’t quite fit
in the picture on the box
now sees what I see
and is loved from the top of her head
to the tip of her toes in her socks.

We lived our lives an ocean and a notion apart
each thinking the other lost forever;
until an electronic bicycle
first hinted at the horizon
that is now tangible; concrete
and forever.

© David Archer January 2012

4000 Smiles

America is big.
Very big.
Some Americans get lost in America.
Some Americans set off on their journey
like a character from a French film with
“the urge to help mankind”

Sometimes some Americans cant find their own way home
because they have lived only for America all their lives.
Sometimes it takes someone not from America
to help a real American find their way home.

England is small compared to America
but real, beautiful, honest Americans
teach the English that they don’t have to
think, feel or be small any more.

Somewhere in the middle
over the Atlantic ocean
the storms that visit America
are diffused by talking and sharing
and in return the weather in England
benefits from the warmth of the American sun.

There are storms in England too;
Storms don’t go away completely but
that’s why English men have learned to carry umbrellas
to keep themselves and real, beautiful, honest Americans
sheltered for a while from the bad weather
until the storm passes.

The umbrella is heavy
so sometimes the Englishman holds the weight of the Umbrella
and sometimes the American holds the weight
but their is always two hands on the umbrella
one is English and one is American.

Its a big enough umbrella
for both of them to stand beneath
while they talk and share
and learn things about what makes them laugh and cry;
they mutually agree to meet tomorrow
and to keep finding out a little more
about each other.