Gillian’s Winter (Sarah’s Summer)

Every time
you see a tree
remember his love for you
numbered ten times
every leaf.

“But”, I hear you say;
“Trees have no leaves in Winter
and like my life it is barren and bare”;
Relax I say; The leaves may be gone
but the tree is always there.

“What when they chop it down” you say;
“there will be nothing left to remember”;
Relax I say; Life, like some trees, is short;
but beautiful memories live forever.

© Copyright D. Archer May 2012

Not Six Feet

His soul not six feet left his body
pals, jackals
stole his boots and ‘bines

Soon swift naked
no time to grieve
the sound in my heart
sick to my throat
I swallow hard and stumble deathward.

Absurd I turn
for treading as I fall
on severed limb from torso freshly torn,
I glanced in his vacant gaze
“Sorry mate” it seemed the English way
to apologise for ruining his day.

Copyright D. Archer October 2011