Genuine Telephone Haiku

I am on the bus,
I will be home at half six,
No not sausage, fish.

Some people do not realise that poetry does not have to be all about doom, death, gloom, wrenching emotions from within the inner sanctum of your deep dark vapid existence. Listen. I heard this one side telephone conversation on the bus but I am still taking all the credit.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011

For Sarah

I have no need
to put the radiator on
your words warm me more
than my favourite song.

To my maudlin muse
I thank you.
This is a heart felt reply
not an empty Haiku!

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011

Bad Haiku

I am blogging
like it is the end of the world
pointless really.

I know this is not a Haiku before you jump down my throat. I posted it on my facebook page as a comment, must try and write some real ones.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011