Silent Obligation

Too scared to release all the butterflies
not man enough to deal
with the one that remained;
though no silver tongued serpent I
said nothing to stop her drowning
in the depth of my full fathom five wave.

Now blinding white feathers
line my all consuming cave
and our two diverging Frost strewn paths
lie blocked by boxes labelled unresolved emotions
I never faced nor threw away.

© D. Archer April 2012

On my Life

This is no idle threat;
if you hurt her
in any way, shape or form,
you’ll communicate
by blinking twice
and you’ll be fed
your every meal
through a straw.

You will piss in a bag
and shit in your pants
but I will not kill you quickly
I’ll do
worse than that.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011

A love deleted

I am the spam
straight to your inbox,
the unanswered
text and call;
I have no name
in your address book;

I am the one who hurt you;
the one who pushed;
the one who made you fall;
the one who denied
the love had died;
the one who deserved it all.

© Copyright D.Archer October 2011