Another day closer to death

I am currently lamenting the loss of my beloved Cannon Camera. These were taken on my phone from my recent travels, they are a combination of Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Scotland, Northern College and Locke Park which is in tarn near weir are live (he says; adopting local lumpen pole dialect).

I have tried to capture just how bad I am at photography in every single shot and I am quite pleased to report that I have exceeded my expectations yet again.

If I could be bothered I would upload more but I can’t so I won’t. Now if you will excuse me I have lots of things to do such as washing my lightbulbs, combing my bathroom carpet for Silverfish, organising the ice in my freezer, alphabetizing the dust on my stereo, answering the door at random intervals and lots less besides.

I don’t have all day to sit around waiting to validate my existence by the number of likes I get from random strangers who have nothing better to do than trawl around WordPress when they should be out doing more interesting things with their lives. Shame on you people.

Now, where did I put my life?

The Future


It is customary at this time of year for me to make my one and only New Year’s Resolution which just so happens to be not to make any New Year’s Resolutions, a fact I might add, that I have no intention of changing.

However, in an attempt to balance my chakras and in a vain lunge toward achieving generativity I thought I would add my “Post-It-Note”* Philosophy to the mix. (*Other brands of sticky notes and philosophies are available).

The general idea is we have a choice, we can be the change we want to see in the world or we can sit and complain. Either is fine just don’t write a blog about it, do it.

Here endeth the leffon.
God* Save the Queen*, the King*, The Republic*, Captain Kirk* or Yoda*

*(Delete as applicable, other deities and celebrities are available on request).

Philosophy © D. Archer 2014. “Post-It” Notes are copyright of a huge multinational conglomerate that does not share the views or expressions of the person that use their products to start wars, famines, floods or to build small paper aeroplanes that don’t fly. I realise suddenly I may have gone somewhat off track there.

This Binary Life

One day I will not wake
to watch my flesh and dreams
in daily fractions fade;
to feel nothing but my own skin,
to see nothing but my hair grey.

One day,
when all the tall trees unclimbed are black
I will remember
all that love must lose
and all that came before must pass.

© D. Archer. August 2014

Best Before End

The weather drove in from the North
under an expanse of slate grey clouds
with a long, forgotten, Latin name
to provide a bleak backdrop
to the portly, whispering vicar
whose contemporary trimmed cassock
did nothing to brighten his turgid verse,
pricked with anecdote,
no doubt countless times cut and paste.

I soon closed my ears
to the proprietary brand of
“Funerals for Vicars: Standard Edition”
and thought only of the “Use by” date
on the hastily shop bought buffet
before pondering my own, unknown,
“Best Before End”.

© D. Archer. August 2013

Life is not a taxi

Little sticker
I’ve just seen;
coloured yellow
letters green;

No Eating!
No Drinking!
No Alcohol!
No Food!
No Swearing!
No Loud Music!
No Chewing Gum!

Perplexed I relaxed
and thought to myself
I’m glad life is not a Taxi.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011