More fun with sharp objects


More fun with sharp objects. Celtic birds. Soon to be printed in various shades of success. I bought some cheap photo frames and am looking forward to finally getting some previous efforts framed and mounted. Approximate finished size will be around 6 x 6 inches. I’ll post pictures of the print when my blood pressure has returned to normal.

Please excuse the state of my cutting mat, it has other uses.

© D. Archer. April 2015

Fun with sharp objects


Fun with sharp objects on a Sunday.

Actually that’s a lie, I cut this a few days ago and then printed it and then forgot to upload it. Metaphors for my life abound.

This time I managed only 4 copies before I got a decent print which is vast improvement on my latest effort and no actual blood was spilled in the making of this image which again is a vast improvement on my latest effort.

Im sure there’s a poem about a bleeding heart brewing but my natural procrastinating tendencies prevent me from doing two pieces of artistic endeavour in one day. Maybe Winter 2016.

Less to follow.
Blood © D.Archer. March 2015

Lamentable Linocuts

A series of Linocuts that I have been meaning to commit to my blog for a while now. Apologies for the quality of the photos as I am crap at taking photos. Apologies for the quality of the linocuts as I am crap at doing linocuts. Apologies for the number of apologies as I am crap at making apologies. Apologies for everything.

All artwork and Apologies are © D. Archer 2014.

P.S: Can you tell what is the only colour of Ink I have? Answers on a Postcard please.

Consider the birds

Consider the Birds. Copyright D. Archer 2013

Consider the Birds. Copyright D. Archer 2013

In my usual procrastinating style I’ve been meaning to illustrate some of my ramblings for quite a while.

As a fan of the woodcut and lino-cut artwork style and a rather nerdy interest in typography I thought Id combine all the elements in one image.

I can’t promise any more so don”t be under-whelmed by my lack of productivity. You have been warned.

Dave Archer. Copyright D. Archer 2013.