Colder on the inside

The distance between them lay
new carpet like, professionally flat,
measured in expensive metres;
each stood on the edge of
the picked clean carcass of
polite conversation that harboured
sharp submerged memories
loud enough to slam doors
long since locked and keyless;

The forgotten bottled years of “Love”
they had gathered and labelled in small words
“Expires when we run out of life”
prematurely cracked and uncorked
it revealed a picture of two strangers,
each holding a wound,
each holding a knife.

© D. Archer. October 2012

The remains of the day

I admit, even with a map
I couldn’t see the elephant in the room,
I tripped over the route of our demise
that lead from hairline creak
to ruinous canyon
where shattered I was swept
under the silence that ensued.

You sealed the remains of reconciliation in stone
made certain all the burnt bridges had fallen;
yet with your natural fractured smile
I am shown the edge of family life
when need and necessity come calling.

© D. Archer. October 2012

One Minute Memory

Between the ordinary and the ornate
in an unloved, lidless tin box
countless, fading, tired and clichéd cards
untroubled his passing thumb until
a working girl captured
in sepia scarf and single pocket apron
sparked a one minute memory of her
before her hair turned,
before she became a photograph.

He remembered her
not in mantelpiece Sunday reverence
served with sweet tea and hushed tones
but how she was once young
before her smile began to fray
under the weight of a life spent giving
and the need for a white, washed front door step;
he remembered her last appearance
in and out of Chapel,
hands bleached so close to the bone,
her resting clothes paler than her flesh.

© D. Archer. September 2012

You have two ears for a reason

We say
the most
with our
mouth shut;

I feel
the most
when we
do not

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011 

I was just thinking of my mum who says “you have two ears and one mouth, make sure you use them in that proportion”.

Blanket Verse Quilt

Under you my blanket
yesterday was warm
and without doubt;
this morning the blanket
takes an emotional turn
in the tumble dryer
and the too small summer quilt
leaves my heart cold
and failings sticking out;

Now the tumble dryer is broken
and the blanket is stuck fast;
I fight everyday to get back
my blanket because
I don’t know how long
my winter will last.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011

Everything and Nothing

You were my security blanket
that I shop-lifted from
your store of dreams;
I grey painted over
your summer skies
and tarmac’d
your fields of green;
I built a car park
in your flower bed and
pissed all over your chips;
whilst you did everything
to stop me falling apart
and nothing; nothing that is
but give.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011

Same coin different sides

Stop laughing
this is serious;
this is my life
not undergraduate
essay drearyness;

You are toying
with my emotions
as I stand lost for words;
you laugh at the unfunny bits
as I expose my fear
and hurt;

You never really understand
the dreams I tried to convey;
I see the irony now
two years passed
since you walked away.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011

My Wild Horses

My heart pulled apart
by two tethered horses
named love and lust;
it is no secret
with words penned
I need no seductive look;

You stole the planet
from under me
and I yearn to be breathless
for another reason;

not for the stairs I climb
on my own
or for the harshness of
the passing seasons.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011

Means on Toast

You can’t put toast
back in the toaster
once it is out and buttered;

and I can’t swallow back
the words that hurt you
I so foolishly
last year uttered.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011

Guess what I was doing when I wrote this?

Where everything is found

I under-reached for the keys and
the coffee table I knocked over;
I found no keys but
nine-tenths of my heart
I’d given to you;
unused and hidden
beneath the sofa.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011