New Magazine Published


In order to raise some cash I have launched a new and exciting magazine about every available car parking space in and around South Yorkshire, cryptically entitled “Car Parking Spaces Monthly” the 700 page magazine will focus on issues concerning the modern car parking space enthusiast.

The first issue comes with a free headache and is available from  – “Chest Infections Direct”Your one stop shop for bulk phlegm!

Words and nonsense © D. Archer/ December 2015

More advertising


In order to raise some cash I have become the face of “FFS” (Fish for Supper) a government sponsored initiative to get more people eating more fish and creating more room in the sea at the same time for some reason.

Here is a sneak preview of the 17 million leaflets that will be distributed throughout Barnsley in the coming weeks.

Look out for one in your letter hole!

Words and pictures © D. Archer. November 2015.


Every month
we sank a little deeper
when I raised the overdraft;
I ignored the elephant
in the room and
papered over the cracks.
I used all the air
in the diving bell
and not just money
tore us apart;
the elephant has moved in permanently
leaving no room for me
in your heart.

© Copyright D. Archer October 2011

Keats would not weep

What’s wrong with being commercial?
Commercial pays the bills.
Commercial fills my basket with venison;
long gone surviving
on just bread and milk.

Keats will not weep
in his poetic grave;
commercial poetry pays my child maintenance
and puts an Ice cream smile
on their face.

© D. Archer October 2011