One Tree Hill

One hoary tree
defiant against both sides
as a beacon to nature
in no-mans’ land.

Neither bomb nor winter shook it
whilst he in hellish
gas filled trench
fell where I was rooted in
my seventeenth summer.

Copyright D. Archer October 2011

In memory of Frank

I lost a friend this week whom for every mathematical formulae he derived pondered the possibility of its ultimate corruption.

He was a true visionary who made regular financial contributions to his local donkey sanctuary. It was a donkey that carried him away from his parents farm when they were taken to Auschwitz.

Before he began work every morning he said a prayer for the people who made his pencil and for the trees that made his paper.

He had lots of favourite sayings and here is to name but a few:

“Do not be afraid of dying, be afraid of not living”.

“If you do not pray for the donkey that helped build your house how can you expect anyone to pray for you”.

He is sadly missed.